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A Short Note on SMA Secure Assets

Annuity payout rates can vary appreciably between companies, so consumers are recommended to consult a professional counselor with experience in setting theses kinds of accounts upwards. Care should be taken to work with someone that’s access to several firms instead of an adviser who’s captive with only one firm. Request your counselor if he gets any special compensation or benefit for selling a unique company to ensure you are receiving the maximum payout possible out of your fixed sum of money.

If you’ve the dependence on life insurance to provide for the heirs or to pay inheritance or estate taxes, consider creating an immediate annuity to pay all the premiums. This will let you commit the best annuities a smaller sum to fund the insurance so you can invest the remainder of your liquid assets for growth. For tax questions, I recommend you consult your qualified tax representative since insurance agents, financial advisors, and brokers don’t give this kind of advice.

This post is for educational purposes only and shouldn’t be construed as accounting, investment or legal advice. Please consult your own professional for this type of advice since your particular situation is fact dependent. Since this post is written as a basic description, Robert B. Scott doesn’t provide any warranty whatsoever with regard to the suitability of this strategy for you personally.