How to Do Spot Removal on Futon Cover

Spot removal is a cleaning method that can be done for several reasons. It will keep the cover clean and stain-free in between washing schedules. It is applicable for covers that can’t be dry cleaned or washed – trust me, there are some covers that can’t be washed at all. Knowing the proper way of spot removal will be handy when you want to maintain its hygiene and cleanliness for a longer period.

The Process

You only need a mild detergent, along with clean white cloth, sponge, water, and a small bucket. If you don’t have a small bucket, a large bowl will do. Don’t’ forget to remove the futon cover from the mattress first so any excess or remaining water won’t seep into the mattress.

You can mix the water and the detergent in the bowl or bucket. With a sponge, moisten it in the water mix and then rub the stain gently until it is completely washed off. If there is any soap left on the cover or the surface, remove it with the white towel.

Now, rinse the sponge and moisten it with the fresh water. Again, the sponge is used to rinse the affected area from the remaining soap. You don’t want any white residue from any soap left on the cover. Get additional information on this at futon covers. Air dry it after everything is cleaned thoroughly.